No Sun/No Moon Tour hits Tampa

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Monday, October 23, 2017 - 8am

The No Sun/No Moon tour rolled into Tampa with a great lineup of bands and a fun night awaiting the crowd who stood outside, eagerly awaiting to get into The Orpheum in the historic district of Ybor.

The Devil Wears Prada (TDWP) is out on the road supporting their latest release Transit Blues, which was put out last year. They came out swinging and opened the 17 song set with "Daughter," which was the first single off the new record. The most immediately noticeable thing was how great guitarist Jeremy Depoyster sounds in a live setting while singing the melodies. His voice is very unique and manages to pull it all off. Vocalist Mike Hranica was as energetic and wild as ever. Andy Trick is usually pretty tame, but even he was getting crazy during certain parts of the set, swinging his bass over his head at times.

With such an extensive catalog that spans six full length albums and two EPs, The Devil Wears Prada has to be more selective with what songs they put into the setlist now. Regardless, any fan of the band should be thrilled about seeing this run of shows, because it has something for everyone.

Assistant to the Regional Manager
Planet A
Born to Lose
Forever Decay
To the Key of Evergreen
Dez Moines
Reptar, King of the Ozone
Danger: Wildman


Veil of Maya were hand picked as direct support for this tour by TDWP and after watching them play, it was clear why. They are an incredibly talented group of musicians who are all masters of their instruments. Guitarist Marc Okubo writes such unique leads and riffs that could blow any guitarist's mind watching him play over the span of his entire fretboard. Drummer Sam Applebaum has some blistering fast feet, which are showcased in a new song "Follow Me". Danny Hauser is a rare sight in the metal scene these days due to his fast finger picking leads on a seven string bass, while vocalist Lukas Magyar has managed to write some of the best hooks in recent memory, singing them note for note in a live setting.

It's Not Safe to Swim Today
Subject Zero

The quartet just released a new album titled False Idol on October 20th under Sumerian Records label. To anyone who follows the band, they will instantly notice the progression from the previous release, Matriarch. Veil of Maya has taken the melodic singing and amplified it while becoming heavier and darker. The fans seemed to respond well to the first two singles released "Overthrow" and "Double Speak," which you can watch below.

Review contributed by Trevor Williams

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