ShipRocked Announces Theme Nights

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Friday, September 16, 2016 - 9pm

As more details are released, the anticipation for ShipRocked 2017 builds. This week, themes for each night onboard the cruise have been being leaked via ShipRocked's official Facebook page. Whether guests choose to participate and dress up or just sit back and enjoy people watching, here's what to expect each night:

Day 1 (Embarkation): ShipRocked Things

Whether you're a newcomer or a veteran, ShipRocked wants you to show the spirit by creating some inspired DIY swag or sporting ShipRocked memorabilia from yesteryear.

Day 2 (Monday): Red Is The New Black

A pretty self explanatory theme... Pay tribute to your favorite red hero (be it The Kool-Aid guy, Santa Claus, Bozo, Elmo, or "that one Angry Bird") by dawning as much crimson as you can handle. ShipRocked notes that while maroon, wine and rouge tones are acceptable, blood orange and salmon shades will not be tolerated.

Day 3 (Tuesday): Game of ShipRockers

Despite the lack of appropriate weather from Miami to Grand Turk, winter is still coming and ShipRocked is celebrating it Game of Thrones style! From Handmaidens to Knights of the Round Table, Dragons and White Walkers, prepare your attire for a Medieval Times celebration.

Day 4 (Wednesday): The Rocking Dead

A Dead Carpet Affair only accepting VIP-RIPs. Honor your favorite rock stars of the past and expect to see Elvis, Prince, Amy Winehouse, Lemmy, Dimebag among others back from the dead. Rumor has it, The Stowaways will also be raising a special tribute set during this event!

Day 5 (Thursday): Circus Shiptacular!

Clowns, mimes, fantastic freaks and human oddities are to show themselves on the final night of ShipRocked. Among the strange and bizarre will be acrobats, trapeze artists, lion tamers, trained animals, jugglers, magicians, the bearded lady, siamese twins, fortune tellers and more.

Be sure to check out ShipRocked's official site for more information and details on theme nights and other activities and experiences.

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